March 2016


When we've been there ten thousand years...   We've no less days to do all those things than when we first begun. Consider that: time, not as a line, but as a circle; not much like "time" at all. Do... Continue Reading →

Rainbows, butterlifes, more of that hope thing.

Flying doesn't make me as tired as it should. I'm home, and I'm still amazed at how that strikes me. I'm 24.99999; I'm not supposed to appreciate my hometown yet. Anyway, I do. My parents' office desk is covered with... Continue Reading →

it’s just your face

This is a thought in progress.   This is NOT a dramatic call to action.   It’s just about your face. Ladies, it’s about your face. And it’s about focus – not about confidence, but focus. Beauty is about so... Continue Reading →


I feel that there could be some confusion when I say that, “God is enough for you.” As if I expect you to initially imagine no longer needing food, or sleep, or companionship. But Him being enough for you isn’t... Continue Reading →

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