Today on my mind a topic of frustration.  Let me prime your mind. There’s this person telling your kids all kinds of stuff. Unfiltered, for the most part.  You don’t necessarily address all the things because they are too many or you don’t know what they are or you don’t care.  You might address it while countering parts of the whole.  “This and this is not so,  junior.  Yet that is.” He might listen to you for the first or second “this”, doubtfully both. Such is the nature of teaching and learning and the indisputable fact that the overlap is never 100%.

But this person is getting a percentage through.  Alas! Not just to your child, but to many.  Not just to your eight year old, but to your friend’s eighteen year old as well.  In fact, your mind has been subjugated to his words also.

Is he Donald Trump?  Inconveniently, no. (I voted third party, which wasn’t a waste to me).

But come on, guys. If you tell me that in the name of art Lil Wayne’s or Gucci Mane’s words are acceptable to your ears and heart but Donald’s are not, you are being both foolish and hypocritical.

Music is NOT neutral.  We identify with it. We learn both good and bad from it.  It speaks many lies and glorifies evil that, set to other than a catchy tune, would give your unacclimated grandma a heart attack.  It is often vile, violent, incoherent, illogical, deceitful – yet you sway your body to rape, greed, the freest of sex, disrespect at its height, the shallowest of dreams. And that is in any way on a higher level than the words Donald says?  Public but especially private?  Are you kidding me?

Protest him. But in order for me to respect or even begin to understand your position, hold it with consistency. Do you have a position?  An ideal?  Is anything in your life constant?  You cannot hate disgusting words from an old man with a combover and PAY for them from a hip guy with a following of millions,  worldwide. That makes no sense.

And you need to listen to hard rap to “understand”another culture?  That’s a cop out. Do you want to understand need?  Desperation? Poverty?  Rape?  Talk to a real victim.  Infiltrate the reality.  Give something real to someone real instead of lining one person’s pockets. Paying for one person’s  way out of the bottom and into the top 1% is not the answer.

But Lil Wayne gives them hope. Of what kind? For what? Insanity. He will not save their souls. He will not even pay their rent.

You’re mad about Donald?  Good. Guess who voted him in? A nation full of people who listen to and watch just about  anything. You included. I used to as well. But let’s not pretend anymore. Donald  is normal. He is normal. He is you. He is your cousin. Your close friend. I’ve  heard far worse things out of the mouths of most people I know. He is the demonstrated collective of what we have found acceptable.

I want you to hate all those crude things he said.  But not because of his position  (president  or not!) or physical appearance – but because  these things ought not to pass anyone’s lips. I just want you to think, hard, of who you are and what exactly it is you believe in.  Are you fair? Do you love?  This craziness is not what it looks like.

What I feel for Lil Wayne is great  pity. If I  met him I’d  probably want to cry. He is so lost. I don’t want to throw things at him or ruin his life. I want him to know that there is more than this.

Don’t hate the person. Don’t  cherry  pick. Decide what you are against before you decide who you are against.

Conveniently,  the Lord of all the earth has told us what to hate. These things disrespectful to women are included in there. As well as a lot of things you might not  want to give  up.

But the clarity! I feel like I’m Mars here. This  ‘climate,’ whoever the president would be, they have absolutely no control over my eternity. I am as scared of that man as I am of a falling leaf. Why would I  fear someone who can destroy the body but not the soul?

Y’all! There’s so much freedom to be found in Jesus! If He’d let me I’d go see  Him today.

In the meantime, I will live in this world without fear, for my God is far too powerful for that, has promised me more than I  could have  dreamed up, and ALL my trust is placed  firmly and decidedly in Him.

Nothing  shakes that foundation.  Nothing.

It’s hope!  Real hope!  Get it.