Being Known

by Him. The Great Empathizer.   Some of us might fall into a path of life that appears, as least from the outside, to be linear and smooth, you know – “as directed.” I say that as if I know... Continue Reading →


Dig deep with me here.   Imagine: you meet someone. It is magical, soul altering, undeniable. So you date them. You are caught up in this whirlwind of romance and the first three months are just plain delightful, so you... Continue Reading →

What of Grace?

It's a simple thing I'm going to say. But it will answer most questions. I am quite familiar with a personal desire to be enough, to accomplish what's necessary. I'm also quite familiar with a general inability to perfectly do... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on life and living it.

I don’t know if there are people out there who know what they’re doing or who are truly who they want to be. I’m also not sure I want to be one of them until after the grave. Mostly because... Continue Reading →

For the Mamas

I’m not the best daughter. The practice what you preach thing is very relevant and true, but difficult. I don’t always treat my mama like I should, but I know how I ought to, and she’s worth the fight.  ... Continue Reading →

Let It Be

There’s a song that I’ve attached below about the gift of life. Not the initial gift of creation, but the second gift of return. There’s also a programming language I should be learning right now, but some things are more... Continue Reading →


When we've been there ten thousand years...   We've no less days to do all those things than when we first begun. Consider that: time, not as a line, but as a circle; not much like "time" at all. Do... Continue Reading →

Rainbows, butterlifes, more of that hope thing.

Flying doesn't make me as tired as it should. I'm home, and I'm still amazed at how that strikes me. I'm 24.99999; I'm not supposed to appreciate my hometown yet. Anyway, I do. My parents' office desk is covered with... Continue Reading →

it’s just your face

This is a thought in progress.   This is NOT a dramatic call to action.   It’s just about your face. Ladies, it’s about your face. And it’s about focus – not about confidence, but focus. Beauty is about so... Continue Reading →

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