5. To conclude – Be Set Apart.

This is a good time to write this; albeit very late. It’s definitely been more than a week. But I’m not exactly riding a high here, so let me assure you that what I’m about to propose isn’t on a... Continue Reading →

4. Turn

So I asked that you put pride aside, open wide your eyes and soul, and believe that the Christ came, lived as a man, died, and rose again. For you. Believe and repent. Repent and believe. These weave together in... Continue Reading →

3. Believe

It’s easy. …but it isn’t.   I want to be truthful with you. Salvation isn’t mine to offer, but besides that, I don’t want to dangle it in front of you like a piece of candy so that you’ll get... Continue Reading →

2. Soft Hearts, Open Eyes

There’s a verse that you’ll see later that says if a Christian brags about something, it can only be in the goodness of Christ. This is because we know that this truth that lives in our souls is not made... Continue Reading →

1. (of 5) Humility

I spend my time doing this because you are anything but a waste of time, and because I’ve been entrusted with the good news. Here is also my promise to produce 2, 3, 4, and 5 sequentially (although publishing 4... Continue Reading →

Trump and Gucci

Today on my mind a topic of frustration.  Let me prime your mind. There's this person telling your kids all kinds of stuff. Unfiltered, for the most part.  You don't necessarily address all the things because they are too many... Continue Reading →

Home. Part Two.

Because it wasn’t as simple coming back this time.   I can’t pretend to be able to explain why it’s so hard to come to a conclusion, to learn something, even with that thing we call hindsight. I’ve thought I’ve... Continue Reading →

Where is He?

I’m so glad you asked.   Everywhere. Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.   Where exactly? I think there’s this misconception that for something to be there, you have to see it. That’s a funny thing considering that the things we all know... Continue Reading →

Simpler Stuff

Of the many questions people ask about God’s reasoning or His motives, the best and most interesting question in my mind is why let us walk this flawed walk at all? If disaster really isn’t beautiful and perfection is how... Continue Reading →

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