I feel that there could be some confusion when I say that, “God is enough for you.” As if I expect you to initially imagine no longer needing food, or sleep, or companionship. But Him being enough for you isn’t... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter…to my kids?

Sweetheart(s),   You are now tiny, unknown souls. Unknown to the world, at least. Your Father in heaven knows you even now. Maybe you will never come to be; maybe you will live here only a little while, maybe you... Continue Reading →

Gentlemen, For You-

What I’m NOT going to talk about: “I want a man who buys me flowers, just because. He knows what I want without me having to ask. He realizes my need to have nice things…because everyone has the right to... Continue Reading →

Futility, or not.

Let your life here not be an exercise in futility.   There is a harsh truth –well, harsh until you accept it—that states that without surrender to your Creator, you will chase the ultimately pointless things in life. I’ll sum... Continue Reading →


Let me preface this by stating my personality type: INTJ. Straight from the website, a portion of my mind is painted, ridiculously accurately, as follows: As an INTJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things... Continue Reading →

Judge me, if you care.

Don’t judge me.   If I had a nickel… But what are we asking? Don’t judge me ever? Don’t condemn me? Don’t question me? Don’t judge me if you don’t know me? Don’t tell me I’m wrong? Get the whole... Continue Reading →

Because I am really trying to love you.

I was spared last night.   Sometimes that happens in dramatic fashion, but doesn’t it truly happen every second that we remain awake? We are never guaranteed an earthly future. This life always ends.   Yesterday I took a final... Continue Reading →

Failing, but not at life.

If you ain’t first, you’re last. I hate to lose. Everyone likes to win, but I really hate to lose. Failing to me is that thing that you do never, or maybe behind closed doors, and then only until I’m... Continue Reading →

Because I love you

A great conversation with a very intelligent coworker brings me here. The idea we discussed comes up often in life and it’s worth talking about, I think. We have so many questions, so many things we can’t reconcile alone. But... Continue Reading →

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